Why Are Ocean Currents Important?


Why Are Ocean Currents Important?

The sea is an indispensable element on the planet earth and it provides a wealth of energy, of life, as well as a capacity to transform the environment wherever it arrives. An essential element in the sea are the ocean currents and their value for the existence of the human being.

The importance of the ocean currents is, on the one hand, in that, being in constant movement, they renew continuously the water of all the zones to which they arrive. An example of this is the Mediterranean Sea and its narrow pass at the height of Gibraltrar which, if not for the marine currents, its waters could not be renewed and life in them would be impossible.

Why Are Ocean Currents Important

The influence of the sun, the moon and the different winds, which are what enable the movement of sea water and, by extension, ocean currents, cause nutrients to be transported wherever they arrive and throughout the globe. Also, it influences the temperature of the sea since these currents can carry cold or hot water to other places on earth and, by extension, modify the temperature of the same.

Another important feature of ocean currents is that they carry the plankton to different areas, which makes marine areas richer than others, which influences the distribution of marine fauna depending on the food they can get.

As far as the human being is concerned, ocean currents have influenced throughout history the capacity of human beings to be able to know and conquer other territories of the earth. They have taken advantage of them and the winds to create fleets of ships that could conquer new worlds or arrive before destinations where they would exchange goods, culture and people.

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