Who is Henry Bradwardine Jackson?


Who is Henry Bradwardine Jackson? Information on Henry Bradwardine Jackson biography, life story and career.

Henry Bradwardine JacksonHenry Bradwardine Jackson; (1855-1929), British admiral of the fleet, who brought radio to the Royal Navy. He was born at Barnsley, Yorkshire, on Jan. 21, 1855, and joined the navy at 13. He began radio experiments in 1890. Through his efforts, the Royal Navy was equipped with radio by Guglielmo Marconi in 1900.

While Jackson was controller of the navy, plans were approved for the first turbine battleship, Dreadnought. He was knighted in 1906 and became head of the new Royal Naval War College at Portsmouth (1911) and chief of the war staff of the Admiralty (1913).

In World War I, Jackson was first sea lord (1915-1916). The great Battle of Jutland (May 31, 1916) was fought after Jackson had ascertained by radio direction finding that the German fleet was moving into the North Sea. The British fleet was sent to intercept it and the engagement followed.

After presiding over the Royal Naval College at Greenwich (1916-1919), Jackson was promoted to admiral of the fleet. As chairman of the Radio Research Board from 1920, he directed broad experimentation and helped find the height of the Kennelly-Heaviside layer, which refracts radio waves. He died at Hayling Island, Hampshire, on Dec. 14, 1929.

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