Where Is Far East?


Which part of the world is called Far East? Where is Far Easti the countries and information about Far East?

Far EastFar East; is a term denoting essentially that part of Asia farthest east of Europe, in particular the areas preferably designated as East Asia and Southeast Asia. Implicit in the earlier usage of the term was a sense of mystery, since little was known in the West about the remote eastern regions except that they remained difficult to reach and were sources for exotic commodities such as silk and spices.

The lands beyond the Oxus River (Amu Darya) and the Malay Peninsula became known to Europe after the conquests of Alexander in the 4th century B. C. and the subsequent eastward thrust of Syrian commerce. During. the 1st and 2d centuries A. D., the development of overland silk routes from China and sea routes to India and beyond brought additional information.

More precise geographical data were gathered after the Mengol conquests of the 13th century gave Europeans direct access to China by land. Asia was explored and “Further Asia” (China and nearby are as ) more accurately mapped. The expression “Further India” prevailed for Southeast Asia because of the earlier eastward expansion of Indian culture and settlement. When the Portuguese sailed around Africa to the East Indies, China, and Japan in the 16th century, the notion of a greater Far East encompassing all of East and Southeast Asia became current. Subsequently in Western writing the term Far East came to designate the mainland and insular portions of both regions.

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