What Type of Rock is Azurite?


What is azurite? What Type Of Rock Is Azurite? Where do we find azurite? Information on azurite and its properties.

azuriteAzurite; is a common ore of copper. As its name implies, the mineral is a beautiful azure or Prussian blue. In the past it was used as a pigment in paints. The sharp crystals of azurite are transparent to translucent and have a brilliant glassy luster. They are often used in making jewelry. Larger crystals of azurite are darker in color and may appear nearly black.

Azurite occurs near the surface of copper deposits. It is almost always associated with the more abundant malachite (another copper carbonate mineral with a bright green color) and may alter to form that substance. For this reason azurite is sometimes referred to as blue malachite.

Azurite and malachite are occasionally found in stalactite form, with one mineral encircling the other. These stalactites may be cut and polished in cross sections and used ornamentally. The finest specimens of this sort come from Morenci, Ariz., which has also yielded very fine individual crystals of azurite. Good crystals have also been found in Bisbee, Ariz., in Siberia, and in Chessy, France. Because of the latter location, which has been famous for many years, azurite is often called chessylite in Europe and England. Large deposits of azurite occur in the copper mines of the western portion of the United States.

Composition: Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2; hardness, 3.5 to 4.0; specific gravity, 3.8; crystal system, mono-clinic.

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