What Is The Importance of Zinc?


What Is The Importance of Zinc?

Surely many of us have realized the use of zinc in construction, being generally used in the construction of metal roofs, as well as in the manufacture of chimneys and ventilation, due to its malleability, its conservation and its high resistance to oxidation. and Corrosion.


Its commercial use is found in the form of a Galvanized Alloy, being practically the form in which it is used the most, counting on this process to be able to Protect from Corrosion and be used in the elaboration of construction materials, which provides a high Resistance to the weather, also applied to the creation of pipelines and gutters to be able to accumulate and transport liquids from one point to another (generally, rainwater)

In its fundamental state we find it as a Blueswhite Metal, which can be corroded by the application of a Non Oxidating Acid, which generates a reaction that we can visualize in a Test Tube through the bubbling produced by a high Release of Hydrogen, so that in many occasions Zinc Granules are usually used as an auxiliary material in the reactions.

Another application, because of its characteristic color, is in the production of paints, being used as a filler and pigment in whitish tones, which often carry the name Zinc White, which is used artistically to provide a transparency effect or well combined with other different whitish tones.

A characteristic that allows to recognize this metal is that with the presence of Ambient Humidity it can form a layer of Carbonate or Oxide that is just the one that protects the metal from Corrosion or Erosion, so to be able to work with it and to malign it is It is necessary to work at temperatures above 100 ° C

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