What is the Importance of Vitamin A?


What Is The Importance Of Vitamin A?

Among the different functions that we have as Living Beings, we have on the one hand the Relationship with the environment and other individuals as a way of being able to interact with the environment that surrounds us, the Reproduction that guarantees the permanence of our species or lineage, while the Food is more important, being necessary to be able to comply with the Energy Needs that each of our Daily Activities demands.

In order to reach a good Nutrition, the beings are divided into Autotrophs, being those that can generate their own food as in the case of Vegetable Species through the process of Photosynthesis (elaborating Starch and Sugars based on Water and absorbing Carbon Dioxide) that others are Heterotrophs and require the consumption of Other Organisms to be able to solve their needs.

Vitamin A

Among these needs we find the scope of Nutrients and Proteins, and one of the substances that must be incorporated into our body is precisely Vitamin A, which has a very important role in our Development and Growth, especially in regard to training and Fabric reconstruction.

Surely one of the best known functions is in regard to the function of Retina, this part of our eye is responsible for giving us a better vision, especially in Low Lighting, but also this vitamin has other qualities and benefits for the body .

One of the fundamental properties is in its power Antioxidant, so that its consumption helps prevent cell aging, as well as helping against the attack of bacterial or viral infections, having a better response to various common diseases of the respiratory tract.

This is because a good dose of this vitamin complex helps the formation of the Respiratory Apparatus as well as the Digestive Tract, also having an influence on the formation and development of the Bone Tissue, among other structures of our body.

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