What is The Importance of Tides?


What Is The Importance Of Tides?

The world that surrounds us is a great interaction of Matter and Elements that are part of the group of Inert Objects and that have a strong correlation with each other, producing changes that can be analyzed at a physical and chemical level, forming new substances or having different behaviors depending on the state or the Conditions of the Environment where they are located, showing changes that may occur abruptly or repeating periodically.

One of the most studied and known phenomena is in the Water Masses that are part of the majority of our planet (it is estimated that almost 70% of Planet Earth is covered by Water) taking into account that these can be mobilized and changed in their behavior by Internal Factors of the planet, as in the case of Earthquakes and Winds, as by External Factors, relative to the position of the planet with respect to others or the position of its Natural Satellite.

What Is The Importance Of Tides?

With regard to the latter, the influence of the Moon with respect to the waters of the Earth is explained in the study of what the tides are, consisting of changes in the levels and amount of sea water or the flow of it that is present in the coastal areas.

Mainly these factors are given by what is studied as Gravitational Forces, being these forces that are exerted by the influence of the Sun and the Moon towards the center of the Earth, being able to vary depending not only on the Daily Tides (that is, the influence day by day) but even being able to estimate seasonal tides that vary around a specific time of the year.

In this way, it is possible to distinguish what is the Pleamar as the moment in which the High Tide occurs, where there is the greatest water flow of each Tide Cycle, having in the other end the one defined as Bajamar, being this the Low Tide or the lapse in which the height or column of water that rises reaches the minimum level.

The knowledge of these data is very useful in Navigation, since there are varieties when exceeding the Maritime Obstacles that require a greater or lesser motive force to mobilize the boats, while on the other hand they have great utility in the control and security of the Hydroelectric Power Plants, which use water flows and movements to be able to mobilize turbines that produce electricity.

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