What is the Importance of Success?


What Is The Importance Of Success?

In today’s society where we live without a doubt one of the most important elements is success. In personal life, in work, in the decisions that one makes, in the way in which he manages his own economy: in everything success is present and it becomes almost one of the only motors that moves us. Fewer values ​​weigh less and less, such as solidarity, ideology or courage. Our actions are usually marked in large part by our search for success.

How does everything start? Success was not predominant always

The notion of success as we know it is an element that begins to shape itself in the Modern Age, more specifically in the fourteenth century. With the development of capitalism, the prevailing value began to be success. Especially personal success. Thus, all the actions, which were previously dedicated to render honors to God, will begin to take place for pure pleasure and personal benefit. The notion of individualism is born with capitalism and also the one that tells us that only our actions can mark our path.


Success has become the key to life for global societies. While there are still spiritual expressions or where solidarity prevails, most of the links, actions, decisions we make are directly related to our search for success and triumph. Failing to be successful in our lives is a failure and can easily mean mood problems such as frustration or despair.

The success seen from another point of view: is it possible to think of another besides me?

Although everything around us constantly tells us and points out that success is only an individual issue, that each of us has to fight for their own success, it is also true that a person can be successful when he helps others they need it, when they put their material or human resources at the disposal of others. In this sense, success becomes a very important necessity to be able to live and coexist in a more human way possible.

Success can also be finding ourselves in a different way, leaving aside material and riches to think about transcendence, what we can leave to the world thanking him for everything he gave us. Thus, we will all be successful and our confidence or satisfaction will no longer depend solely on the results of our actions but on harmonious and reflective community life.

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