What is the importance of social sciences?


What Is The Importance of Social Sciences?

Not all popular knowledge is part of a Scientific Knowledge, since it is necessary to follow different Methodological Steps that start from the statement of a hypothesis arising from a meticulous observation, followed by a Scientific Method that is chosen and chosen as the correct one for the experimentation, and later a Conclusion that can affirm or refute what is stated in the first instance, having for it a systematization and a specific order that allows to arrive at a Law or Principle that can describe a phenomenon or behavior by means of a specific or general statement (in this last case, is applicable to a variable number of resolutions)

social sciences

Among the different branches of the Scientific Disciplines we find the same methodology of work, but the Object of Study varies notoriously from one another, and in the case of the Social Sciences, as its name is indicating, the field of study is the analysis of Societies and Social Groups, and how they relate to the environment or environment where they live, as well as the role of each of the individuals.

Since we were born we are part of a specific Social Group, being in the case of the family a Primary Social Group, where we have a certain behavior, while in others we have another way of relating, this being what is responsible for analyzing this classification within the scientific world.

However, as its object of study is very ambiguous, and its field of study is very broad, it is not possible to have a purely scientific and experimental methodology as it happens in other scientific disciplines, so there are many disciplines that are found in constant debate for their inclusion or exclusion within this group.

The truth is that we can distinguish a wide variety of disciplines ranging from Psychology to Anthropology that have as a common point the Man and his behavior as an individual in society.

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