What Is The Importance Of Silence?


What Is The Importance Of Silence?

We could define silence as the absence of sounds. Silence can be an element of nature, in quiet and calm environments. But it can also be an element favored by the human being in specific spaces in which concentration and silent work are necessary to obtain better results. The importance of silence lies precisely in this last fact since it depends on it that professionals (for example in the medical area) or those who benefit from it (for example, students in a library) can thus better develop their activity.

What Is The Importance Of Silence?

Today’s daily life, especially in large urban conglomerations, shows us that silence is almost a nonexistent good. Whether it is the noise of traffic, the talks of people, different noises that have to do with everyday life, it is very difficult to achieve total silence in urban areas. This makes it necessary and important to voluntarily generate spaces in which silence is a fundamental element in order to obtain better results in the activities that are planned to be carried out.

Some of the most common places where silence is requested as the number one rule to remain are hospitals and libraries. In both, silent work and the limitation of annoying sounds contribute to people developing a better concentration. In many offices and workplaces, although absolute silence is not requested, it is clear that the generation of quiet, calm and silent environments will allow workers to obtain better results.

On the other hand, silence is also very important as a communication method. Thus, in dramatic works as well as in everyday communication, the generation of silences or pauses between words can have much more significance than the moments in which they are speaking.

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