What is The Importance of Sensation?


What Is The Importance Of Sensation?

Through the sensations is that we can precisely “feel” the world around us, in all its splendor and in any of its aspects. The sensations are stimuli that we receive from the outside, from our environment, and that are captured by one or more of our senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch or taste. But how is it that sensations occur? There we go.

Everything that presents itself to us, in one way or another, provokes a specific sensation. We can not eat an apple without our feeling that it tastes sweet or, on the other hand, it is a bit acidic. Also, any sound we hear around us (activating the sense of hearing) will cause us certain sensations: a noise of a car when braking suddenly will generate panic or worry, while listening to one of our favorite singer’s songs will undoubtedly produce us , quite pleasure or sound comfort.

What is The Importance of Sensation?

So, with all our senses. When a particular external stimulus is received by us-let’s say, a song-one or more of our senses are activated (those that are necessary to receive that stimulus, which in the case of the example we have set would be the ear) , and through this sense, these stimuli are transformed into electrical impulses that through the nervous system arrive at the brain, which allows classifying and ordering said information -proportioned by the stimulus- and provoking one or another specific sensation, as pleasure. That process, of course, lasts only a few thousandths of a second, as necessary so that our response to the stimulus is more than immediate. How long does it take to frown or twist your mouth when you eat an orange that we feel is too acidic?

The reaction to certain sensations sometimes, not only depends on whether we feel the orange very acidic or rich and sweet, which would be physical characteristics of the stimulus, but other times we can experience certain sensations from previous experiences or experiences. For example, that a particular song (ear) causes us nostalgia and anguish because it reminds us of a family member we wanted and is no longer there. Or watching a cartoon movie (sight) brings us joy and pleasure because it evokes our childhood stage, childhood. For this reason, evaluations, analyzes or sensory tests are often used by therapists, psycho-pedagogues and psychologists to make diagnoses of their patients.

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