What Is The Importance of Sea Turtles?


What Is The Importance of Sea Turtles?

Far from being exotic, beautiful or endearing animals, turtles are an essential piece to maintain certain ecosystems, especially those that have to do with water, something evident. Thus, although many prefer to put a price on their exoticism, the price they have for our planet is completely incalculable.

We can say that sea turtles have played a really important role in the health of our oceans for millions and millions of years. Without them, functions as essential as the maintenance of the reef ecosystem or even the transport of nutrients to the beaches would be impossible. For this reason, their survival is more important than some people think. It is not a species more in extinction, it is an essential species.

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We can give many examples of its importance. To begin with, the moment they lay their eggs. By nesting on the beaches, these large and colossal turtles remove thousands of tons of sand. This makes the coasts much healthier. In addition, these eggs are a source of nutrients for a host of beings, from insects to birds. Therefore, it can be said that sea turtles connect the sea with the land.

An example of the importance of these turtles is found with green sea turtles. Few herbivores of such size will find in the oceans. Thus, its main function begins with its main need, to eat; and is that these turtles eat in the seagrass beds. By grazing, they increase the productivity and nutrient content of all these seagrasses. If they did not eat, over time, we would find completely obstructed marine passages, something that would reverberate in countless aspects, such as currents or even marine biodiversity.

Other turtles feed on marine animals. Without them, these animals would increase in number to become real pests. A great example of the latter is the jellyfish, which as we can see each year increase considerably in number, mainly due to the fact that every time there are fewer sea turtles that feed on them; And there are adult turtles that can eat a ton of jellyfish a day, a really important marine vacuum cleaner.

Let’s not forget that the turtles also suppose small floating oases for many other species that approach them to look for a bit of shelter from other predators. A great oasis that little by little is disappearing from our ecosystem and that can have many negative consequences even for fishing and therefore for our supply.

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