What Is The Importance of Polymers?


What Is The Importance of Polymers?

In the field of science, polymers are very important substances because they can have several and very diverse uses in everyday life. Polymers can be described as composite substances in which several molecules of the monomers that are formed in the fastest forms of natural elements and elements are intermingled. The polymers can also be artificial or created by man when the polymers are transformed.

We could simplify the composition of a saying by saying that it is a union of miles of molecules known as smaller and heavier molecules. These monomers are bound through chemical bonds that confirm stability and that can be permanently in their capacity of more complex molecules or polymers. The word polymers comes from the Greek, language in which the poly prefix means many means and the mere suffix means part.

In nature we find many elements that can be communication elements. The elements can be used in food (such as starch, cellulose) to textile elements. silk) and even the DNA that every living being possesses. The polymers can form parts of the processes: the condensation of various forms of monomers or the attention that supposes a sum of all the molecules of monomers that multiply.

The importance of polymers lies especially in the variety of utilities that human beings can give these compounds. Thus, polymers are present in many of the foods or raw materials that we consume, but also in textiles. rubber, plastic and other everyday materials such as polystyrene, polyethylene, chemical products such as chlorine, silicone, etc. All these materials are only for different reasons and they offer the following properties: elasticity, plasticity, They can be adhesives, resistance to damage, etc.

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