What is the Importance of Oxides?


What Is The Importance Of Oxides?

It can be said that under the term oxide we designate a large number of chemical or inorganic reactions with oxygen molecules in different quantities and qualities. The two main ways in which oxides can be obtained are on the one hand the combination of oxygen with a metal (for example, iron, calcium, sodium) and on the other the combination of oxygen with a non-metallic element (for example , carbon). While the first type of oxide can be used, the second type can be used as iron oxide.

While one immediately thinks of a type of sound upon hearing this word, when it is left in the open and elements such as water, sun or air the morning to its surface with a more yellowish or orange and rough layer of the same metal ), the truth is that many other things, phenomena or elements that are related to the idea of ​​many of them are more common than we think, present in our daily lives permanently. Many of them were also useful and necessary to carry out both natural and artificial activities.

Many of the oxides that we may not recognize are in the foods, foods and other organic elements that they use daily: acetic acid (base of vinegar), ascorbic acid (which forms vitamin C), fatty acids found in many foods, citric acid, carboxylic acids, etc. Other similar products in the acid state, sulfurous acid, sodium oxide, etc. if it can also be in a liquid state and so allows for example the pharmaceutical industry, for the manufacture of hygiene and cleaning products, for the production of hydrocarbons and other energies, for medicine, etc.

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