What Is The Importance of Nitrogen?


What is the Importance of Nitrogen?

Many times when we do a cleaning at home we note that the package of Ammonia, along with some similar cleaning products (mainly solvents) have among its ingredients to Nitrogen, being identified by the letter N that corresponds to its chemical symbol, and can also be found in case we have a garden or work in one, finding it in which case written in the packages of Fertilizers (or present as Nitrate of Ammonium, in the composition thereof)


Nitrogen is very important in these cases, as well as Solvent, not used directly because in nature it consists of a Bluish Gas, but it is applied through the Nitric Acid substance that we will surely find among the compositions of the most powerful.

For those who take delight in each takeoff of the Spaceships or the different Propulsors that propel the satellites and probes into outer space, this gas is also used as a fuel, although of course, its very high power does not allow it to be used clearly in the vehicles we use every day, although it is present as part of the combustion gases that start from the burning of gasoline or diesel, for example, that we do use in our cars.

Its application as Gas is used as a refrigerant, since it is used as a powerful Cryogenic Gas, because it has very little capacity to react, being used mainly in Protective Atmospheres, as in refrigeration chambers that allow to conserve different substances that can Altered quickly by Microorganisms.

This changes when it is mixed with other compounds, the one we use so much during festive times, the Potassium Nitrate that is part of the Powder that we make ignite and explode with Pyrotechnics, although in a relatively low concentration, since otherwise it would be too dangerous, having a lot of this in Dynamite, and in another quite dangerous explosive such as Nitroglycerin.

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