What is The Importance of Mining?


What Is The Importance Of Mining?

The importance of mining is relevant enough to consider that all civilizations have depended to a greater or lesser degree on this activity as old as man himself. However, its large-scale implementation, characteristic of recent decades, is a strong reason for debate in the context of its destructive capacity to pollute the environment.

In technical terms, mining is defined as one of the so-called primary economic activities, in which metal or non-metallic elements are extracted for industrial or financial performance purposes. The methods used for the collection of minerals involve underground or open-air actions, depending on various parameters, among which the geological ones stand out, among others. Although the exploitation of oil could be unified with the theme of mining resources, its particular importance deserves to be considered separately. In contrast, solid fossil fuels are usually included in the conventional mining approach.

What is The Importance of Mining?

Most of the mining riches are located in mountainous regions; While mountain ranges of varisic origin gather a greater proportion of mineral coal and iron, the formations of tertiary origin are characterized by a higher content of precious metals, lithium and other products of increasing importance in mining activity.

In the specific case of mega-mining, that is, the large-scale exploitation of the mineral resources of a region, justified warning lights have been lit due to the repercussions for the environment that is linked to this activity. Among these variables that impact on the environment are the appearance of atmospheric dust originated in the excavation, the generation of sound pollution, the emission of toxic gases from the operation of equipment and vehicles and, above all, the alteration of water, level of rivers, underground aquifers, wetlands and by contamination of the drains of the mine itself. Without doubting the importance of the exploitation of mining, numerous strategies have been proposed so that this source of work and wealth does not become a dangerous form of environmental destruction and allows a harmonious exploitation of minerals without causing disastrous consequences for multiple generations to come.

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