What is The Importance of Light?


What Is The Importance of Light?

The importance of light for all living beings and for man in particular is revealed in the simple fact that the entire human organism is prepared to perform correctly during daylight hours. From the ability of our eyes to capture the light to the natural inclination of the brain to direct the rest towards the hours of the night, it is glimpsed that light is a regulator of human activity implicit in our own genes.

From the strictly physical point of view, light is characterized by its dual nature, since it behaves at the same time as an electromagnetic wave (therefore, energy) and as a structure composed of small corpuscles called photons (therefore, matter) . This condition makes it possible to explain a large part of its unique properties, among which the ability of light to be the fastest object in the vacuum stands out, with a displacement capacity of 300,000 kilometers per second.

What Is The Importance of Light?

Among living beings, light represents the energy source par excellence. Its importance is perceived in the ability of vegetables, algae and some microorganisms to convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy. This process is known as photosynthesis and involves the conversion of inorganic molecules (carbon dioxide, water) into organic molecules, such as glucose. Chlorophyll acts as an intermediate molecule for the capture of energy from light.

On the other hand, even the most primitive animals have receptors capable of recognizing and exploiting light. In the more evolved forms of life, increasingly complex eyes are observed; In the particular case of nocturnal animals, the ability to capture light is significantly increased to achieve visualization even in conditions of great darkness.

Likewise, human civilization is recognized in terms of light. The dominance of fire in the beginning of time and the subsequent capacity to produce light from electricity have allowed the expansion of technology and productivity in all cultures.

Therefore, the importance of light exceeds the limits of thought and imagination. It is not only impossible to conceive the activity of man without this form of energy, but it is not viable to define living beings in the absence of light.

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