What Is The Importance Of Internet?


What Is The Importance Of Internet?

The Internet is no longer a new phenomenon, but it has undoubtedly revolutionized the world as it was known 30 years ago. It is a global phenomenon, closely linked to communication, but which greatly influences almost all areas of society. Little could their creators imagine that in just 20 years it would be an invention as essential as the telephone or television.

In principle, the main purpose of the Internet is communication: to allow the human being a communication without barriers, which does not take into account space, or borders, distances, societies … The Internet itself does not communicate, but it is a means, which is it calls a channel of communication (just as air is a channel for the spoken language). The history of humanity is full of advances and discoveries of new channels of communication that have changed their future. The writing itself was undoubtedly one of the largest, since it was no longer necessary for the sender and receiver to be in the same place to communicate, eliminating time as a frontier to transmit knowledge. After the writing there were many other inventions that sought to eliminate the distance to transmit messages, something that ended up with advances such as the telegraph or the telephone, much more recent. Once distance was no longer a problem, humanity began to be communicated globally. Apparatus such as radio or television, which offered unidirectional communication, became essential for society.


The invention of computers and their dissemination, gave rise to the next and natural step, the creation of a means of communication that would allow the transfer of computer data taking advantage of all existing advances. From this simple need emerged the Internet, first of the need of two young researchers who wanted to communicate their computers among themselves, but then of humanity’s own need to share and communicate.

The Internet is full of communication in all areas, from advertising, interviews, articles, videos, chats, emails, but also data, music, documents, books, images … almost any type of visual and aural communication that we can imagine. Man finally found a way to share everything he wants with the rest of the world, and it is not bald to say that it is priceless, although for the industries and the economy formed under the protection of the Internet, the economic benefit is very tangible.

Companies of software, hardware, radio, television, press, publishers, online stores, various services, technology companies … have proliferated trying to take advantage of the advantages offered by the dissemination of their products to more than one billion people (and growing). Ten years ago it was very rare to find physical stores that offered their products online. Today, if you are not in the network, you can almost say that you do not exist. Things change, and the fever of the network is very contagious.

It is difficult to know exactly if the new communication technologies, such as mobiles, computers or navigators, would be what they are now thanks to the arrival of the Internet or if the Internet has benefited from these advances to continue growing. Possibly it is a symbiotic relationship, in which the network takes advantage of these advances and they take advantage of the Internet. New technologies are born on the internet, distributed on the Internet and die on the Internet. A scientific advance or novelty that took decades to be implemented worldwide decades ago, can now be copied and distributed in a matter of hours.

And not only in the scientific or business field Internet has revolutionized the existing. In personal communication new possibilities have been opened with the use of instant messaging, social networks, chat rooms … Anyone who has something to say, can do it, and whoever wants to. Another area in which he has had a great impact is the educational one: not only because he has relegated the vendors of encyclopedias to a mere memory, but because almost all the knowledge of humanity has been in the network. And again, anyone can look for it and get it.

The Network of Networks is already present, and certainly the future for some time, until the arrival of the next milestone in the history of mankind.

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