What is The Importance of Human Geography?


What Is The Importance Of Human Geography?

We understand by human geography one of the branches of geography that has for its objective the study and analysis of the relationships established between the human being and the environment in which he lives and to which he transforms permanently. Human geography is one of the least known in general terms but one of the most important to understand the phenomena that occur on the planet we live and which are often the result of human action.

Human geography is specific and has as its interest only the analysis of those phenomena or realities in which human beings participate and that occur in a geographical environment. Thus, the discipline serves to understand the relationships that are established between the two parties and the possible links of transformation that one can generate to the other. Although in antiquity the strength of the environment and the environment in the quality of life of the human being was much stronger and even uncontrollable, today this relationship of forces has been reversed and it is the human being who in most cases It alters the nature that surrounds it, sometimes generating indelible and uncontrollable changes such as the famous and dangerous climate change.

What is The Importance of Human Geography?

Human geography is also very useful to understand issues that have to do with the settlement of the planet. This is so because this branch of science is interested in aspects such as population density, the use or waste of natural resources, access to rights such as water and a healthy environment, the transformations that a given population can generate in its environment. In this sense, it is not the same effect that nature is generated in a very densely populated place than in another half-empty space.

This is why the planisphere map of human geography changes its dimensions and in it there are countries that occupy much more space than they do in a normal map, and this has to do with population density. Such are the cases of India, China, the United States, while other vast depopulated regions such as the southern cone of Latin America lose importance in these maps.

Human geography, in addition, is important since it analyzes economic phenomena such as the activities that the human being performs in a given space and how it affects the environment, urban changes and the growth of cities versus rural areas, the cultural geography that it has to do with the practices and traditions of each people and their interaction with everything that surrounds them.

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