What is the Importance of Fruits?


What Is The Importance of Fruits?

One of the functions that we have as Living Beings is precisely the need for Food, being this necessary to be covered by the incorporation of a Balanced Diet, which allows to complete with all the Nutrients and Proteins that our body needs to be able to face our daily energetic demands.

Among these recommended foods one of the most ingested is that of Fruits, being those edible products of the Vegetable Species that generally have a sweet taste and are even made Plantations or Crops to be able to make a massive production of the same and obtain for it a good supply of food.


In plants, these are formed after a point of maturation of the flower, thickening the floral ovary and forming a structure that is chemically composed mostly of water and carbohydrates, with a strong contribution of dietary fiber and having among its nutrients a great amount of Proteins and Vitamins, which are the ones that we take advantage of in our organism through the ingestion.

One of the best known is undoubtedly Vitamin C, present in abundance in a large number of citrus fruits (so called because its composition has an abundance of citric acid) and which is very consumed in the winter due to its role as Antioxidant, helping to deal with the Common Diseases of that time, such as colds or even the consequences of the flu.

In recent times has begun to differentiate the group of Organic Fruits, being considered of higher quality with respect to others that are obtained by conventional farming techniques, for having in their process of cultivation and obtaining with Ecological Techniques, They not only seek to take care of the soil where they are cultivated, but also to eliminate the Surplus of Water from the fruits, which gives a greater Concentration of Vitamins.

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