What is The Importance of Force?


What Is The Importance Of Force?

The world around us acts modifying the Behavior and leading us to perform different actions, perceiving through the Five Senses and generating a mechanism of Action and Reaction in which an external stimulus derives in a response that tends to break that apparent balance that existed in the beginning, generating a change or a modification of the initial state.

Having understood this is that it is easier to understand the concept that surely in Physics and Chemistry classes has complicated us more than once, since just one Force is considered as a stimulus that in a certain Environment or Moment generates a varied Quantity of Movement in a system, which can be measured using a given Scalar Magnitude, or analyzed in terms of direction and sense using a Vector Magnitude.

What is The Importance of Force?

One of the best known forces is the Force of Gravity, which was discovered by the famous Isaac Newton, who also established the different Laws and Principles that govern these phenomena, studying the movements of the same through the Kinematics, which forms part of the great varieties of branches of Physics, who surely we know by the establishment of the Law of Gravity.

The way to measure them using the International System of Units is to use the units of Meters over Seconds to the square, being this unit known as Newton and it is the force that must be used to eliminate the state of rest of an object whose mass has 1 Kilogram, being used as a basic unit for the realization of all kinds of calculations related to the Dynamics of Forces.

Another application that we can find in everyday life is in the different Mechanical Appliances, relativizing to the Motor Power that they are capable of providing, using as a concept the Horses of Force, deriving from a study made around Steam Machines .

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