What is the Importance of Environment?


What Is The Importance Of Environment?

We can begin by saying that we understand by environment the space in which the human being interacts with nature to a greater or lesser degree. The environment is everything that surrounds us and although in most cases this notion is related to nature, we could also say that in a certain sense the environment can be the space created artificially by the human being, as it is a city ​​or a large urban center.

The importance of the environment today is undeniable and this has to do with the abuse and wear that the human being generates in an increasingly noticeable way over the complex natural phenomena, causing alterations to the environment that affect not only other beings alive if not also to himself.

What Is The Importance Of Environment?

The international summits on climate change have revealed an unquestionable reality: our world is threatened
To date, the data showing the deterioration of the planet are clear and evident and on this there is a consensus in the international scientific community. This means that the time has come to take action to effectively protect the space in which we live.

The human being has always interacted to a greater or lesser degree with the environment since it is from him that he obtains all the resources for his subsistence. However, in recent times, the growth of the world population to excessive levels and the increase with it of the needs of food and various types of resources has led the human being to generate severe damage to the planetary environment, some irreversible, such as the depletion of non-renewable resources, the contamination of waterways or air, the generation of gases of the famous greenhouse effect, etc.

What can we do?

The average man asks himself this question and initially he may think that he can not do anything or almost nothing to take care of the natural environment. Actually we can do many things. Some of them are the following:

– Do not throw cigarette butts, because they can trigger fires.

– When we go on a field trip we should collect the garbage that we eliminate, since the remains of garbage accumulate in the soil and become polluting substances.

– Water is a scarce and essential good, so it is in our hands to consume the amount of water strictly necessary.

– A part of what we consume ends up in the trash, but we must bear in mind that many items that we throw away can be reused if the recycling containers are used.

– The excrements of pets are potentially dangerous for the environment, as they can pollute the water.

– The driving of gasoline vehicles causes emissions of nitrogen dioxide, a substance that pollutes the environment. For this reason, every responsible citizen should resort to other non-polluting means of transport.

– Many of the plastic bags that we use every day end up in the seas, lakes and rivers of the planet. These wastes are photodegraded over time and decomposed into petro-polymer contaminants for fish and birds.

– The electronic devices that we are not using should be turned off, otherwise energy will continue to be consumed completely unnecessarily. In this sense, instead of using dryers we could dry clothes outdoors.

– If we consume organic foods we collaborate in the reduction of fertilizers and pesticides.

Learn, raise your voice and act

The protection is based on three pillars:

In the first place, we have to know what are the real threats that put the stability of the planet at risk.

Secondly, to the best of our ability we have to denounce all those actions that attempt against the natural environment.

Finally, we must not forget that our individual actions have an impact on the ecosystem in which we live.

The importance of the environment lies in the fact that all forms of life take place in it and not elsewhere, so its care and preservation should be one of the essential elements of human action. Today there is a growing awareness of the importance of these actions and not only individuals but also governments and companies have begun to develop activities that tend to preserve or limit the damage to the environment.

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