What is the Importance of Childcare?


What Is The Importance of Childcare?

When we are born, we do it belonging to a Primary Social Group with which we will interact for the rest of our lives, La Familia, which is in charge of giving us basic care in terms of food, hygiene and shelter without which it would be impossible to survive or subsist in the first months and years of life, in addition to being instructed about the Limits and Freedoms that we will have in life, giving us education and encouragement to develop our Cognitive Faculties.

When we have a Health Problem, it is our parents or relatives who take care of taking us to the Medical Consultation, where we will have a specialized doctor in Child Care, better known under the name of Pediatrics, who will do some routine exams and prescribe some remedy to heal promptly or advise us to keep rest for an indeterminate time.


Nowadays, not only the Scientific Childcare is spoken as a way of knowing the care of the Sick Child, but also when it is healthy, analyzing the different Factors of Growth, the development of his intelligence and the activities he performs on a daily basis , looking for a Welfare environment for growth and development from birth to adolescence.

From this science also start other Auxiliary Sciences that are part of a complement, being for example the Social Childcare in which is taken as an object of study to the Society or Community of which the child is part and the influences of it with its behavior, as well as Neonatology or Pediatric Dentistry, as sciences that are specifically responsible for particular health care.

Its importance has a large number of fields of application, from the State Policies that must guarantee and aim at the care of the smallest, to the fulfillment of the Rights of the Child with regard to their training and the transition to being the adult individuals of tomorrow.

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