What Is The Importance Of Bacterias?


What Is The Importance Of Bacterias?

Nature is not only responsible for giving us the amazing Natural Landscapes that we photograph so much in our vacations, but also takes care of providing a Natural Balance in all the systems where living beings coexist and generate influences on everyone, being considered as Ecosystem and framed in an area or support that is just the Natural Habitat of all the species that inhabit there.

Seen in a particular way in the point of view of Food, each of the living beings has its role in the Food Chain, from the organisms that are capable of generating their own food, as are the Vegetable Species (through the process of Photosynthesis) as those that feed on them, Hervíboros Species, and others that feed on the previous, Omnivorous Species, and interacting with them at all times are the Bacteria.


These organisms are so tiny that to be able to notice their presence in many cases we need to use a specific Optical Instrument, being the simplest and known the Microscope, since they are framed in the classification of Microorganisms (also known simply as Microbes) and are studied by the science known as Microbiology.

In nature they mainly have the function of Decomposition or Recycling, being able to unfold the different substances breaking their molecules, degrading them and allowing them in the future to be used by other materials such as Living Beings, as well as interacting in a large number of Biochemical Processes that they even appear in our body.

Regarding the latter, surely many have read about its high presence in the digestive system, many of them have a protective role of the body contributing to the Immunological System, although other types are instead causing Health Disorders, even being able to cause Diseases Infectious type mortals, for which we must be given an Antibiotic that can be broad spectrum (to attack a non-specific type of Bacterial Infections) as those that are specific for a particular bacterium.

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