What Is The Importance Of Astronomy?


What Is The Importance Of Astronomy?

The importance of astronomy is not only that it deals, mainly, with the study of the celestial bodies of the universe, but it is something that is linked from antiquity to the human being and, by extension, to all civilizations.

The stars have always been something that has attracted the human being. At any moment in history, we have wanted to see destiny, our origin in celestial bodies and, nowadays, millions of data are gathered around the world to know our past and future.


The result is very simple: we are a very insignificant part in the whole universe and, nevertheless, something very important and, perhaps, unique. The importance of astronomy is that, thanks to current scientific advances, we can glimpse the knowledge of our origin, not only of the planet, but of the human being itself.

The human being has always been a curious animal, had to know a little more each day and that hunger for knowledge is what has made over the centuries and civilizations, sorcerers, shamans, priests, scientists , have turned to the discovery of peculiarities in the night sky that made them understand the reason for their existence. All, without exception, have erected monuments, cities, observatories aimed at unraveling the mysteries of the night and the stars that we can admire under the moon, or without it, as long as it is not covered by clouds.

This thirst for knowledge has made many historical figures create inventions to get closer and better observe the stars and planets nearby, getting some of them, inventions that would be the basis of current machines. The fact that the human being has stepped on the moon and, subsequently, has been able to create all kinds of spacecraft and satellites, capable of being outside of Earth’s orbit and, even, some of them that are already outside of what we know as Via Dairy and send data to research centers not only provides more knowledge, but also more doubts and the feeling that we know very little about what surrounds us.

However, the more information we get and that our scientists are able to interpret and shed, brings us closer to our origin and discovers that we are more connected to the rest of the star planets than we thought.

Little do we really know about our origin as a planet and how life was really created in it. However, the important thing is that we are connected to a universe in a very important way and that everything that affects you affects us.

The importance of astronomy is that thanks to the knowledge provided by the human being, the most important thing is the chance that has originated our planet and the life in which it occurred.

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