What is Good Friday?


What is good friday? When is good friday, history and importance. What do Christs do on Good friday and info.

The first Good Friday was the day on which Christ was taken before Pontius Pilate and crucified, and so Christians set aside a special Friday about that time each year to remember the death of Christ. “Good” meant “holy” in Old English.

Good Friday

In the early church baptisms took place on Easter Eve, the Saturday before Easter Sunday, and grown-up people who were to be baptized fasted (ate nothing) on Good Friday. Many people still fast on this day, and in most churches a three-hour service is held. This service lasts from 12 noon until 3 o’clock, the hours, it is thought, when Christ hung dying on the cross, although He may have been on the cross for much longer than that.

As Good Friday is a day of mourning, it is the only day when Holy Communion is not held in most churches. This is because the thanksgiving and rejoicing of the Communion service seem out of keeping with the memory of Christ’s suffering.

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