What is a Philosophical Essay?


What is a Philosophical Essay?

The essay is one of the most frequent tasks in the academic field.

Especially in high school, students have to learn to develop activities such as research and the systematic elaboration of arguments.


The essay is an excellent way to encourage thinking and to develop a critical judgment on a topic.

Introduction to an essay on social networks

That today a person does not have a Facebook profile or tweeted a few times a day, is already a very rare exception. Especially, if we talk about young people.

The age of the internet has arrived a long time ago, and with it, the emergence of a new way of relating: social networks.

What is a social network? In wikipedia we find the following definition: “it is a means of social communication that focuses on finding people to interact online”

Introduction to an essay on love

Talking about love is talking about the most important feeling for humanity. And even then, it has been so often misunderstood, badly practiced. The eternal question, What is love? It is a single question but the answers are so many and none at the same time. Turning to the dictionary obviously does not help much. We will find the following

Intense feeling of the human being who, starting from his own insufficiency, needs and seeks the encounter and union with another being.

Introduction to an essay on bullying

Bulling is a form of school bullying either verbally, psychologically, emotionally, or physically.
It is said to be a school, since it commonly affects children who went to school or boys who go to high school.

Harassment is a form of violence. The harasser manipulates his victim in such a way that he does or does not do what he wants.

Introduction for an essay on euthanasia

The word euthanasia has a Greek origin. It derives from “eu”, which means “good”, and from thanatos, which is equivalent to death, that is, good death or good death.

In Greece euthanasia was understood as a kind of painless and honorable death. That is, it did not raise a moral question about his practice, since it was preferable to a bad or unworthy life.

Introduction to an essay on alcoholism

The consumption of alcoholic beverages has an origin as old as humanity itself. It has been part of different cultures and times.

Some scholars point out that, probably, with the origin of the first wines, humanity gave way to a sedentary lifestyle.

The use of wines was associated, by its effects, with various religious cults. Not only did it serve as an essential additive in meetings of a social nature.

Introduction to an essay on global warming

A fairly logical issue is that the owners of the house worry about keeping it well cared for. We all want a very nice house, with its garden, its patio, its living room. Since that way we feel comfortable. That comfort helps us feel good, and that other people who visit our house also feel comfortable.

It would be illogical to think that the owner of the house could carry out acts that deteriorate his home. However, that is exactly what happens with humanity, and its home, the planet earth. Man, we are destroying that environment in which we live every day.

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