What does zombie mean in a dream


There are several definitions of dreaming of a zombie. Dreaming of zombies can have a meaning similar to dreaming of a ghost or other monsters, but there is a difference. The zombie that appears in a dream can reveal that you are living a period of indifference and lack of sensitivity with respect to people and the events that surround you. Maybe the feeling of being disconnected from the world.

What does zombie mean in a dream

Interpretation and meaning of dream with zombies

If the zombies appear in a dream it can symbolize anxiety, alienation, detachment, loss of energy and also liberation from death.

Dreaming of zombies is not necessarily a bad sign. If you are going through a difficult, chaotic period, even if in your dream you feel anxiety, the dream tells us that everything returns to normal. Your problems will soon be a bad memory.

If in the dream you become a zombie it can mean that you feel mentally and emotionally separated from situations or people around you.

It can also mean that you feel dead inside. This can happen after a real painful event, such as death, divorce, etc.

The dream of a living dead attack can mean that the difficult events of real life happens, in the cause of that extreme stress. You feel helpless and devastated.

Dreaming of zombies can also indicate that for us “everything is dead”, and finally, your lifestyle has become automatic.

The dream where we are persecuted by the living dead can mean that we are taking restrictions contrary to us or to our moral character.

Seeing someone become a zombie announces that our feelings for that special person are “dead”, the affection you felt for him or her has disappeared.

Dreaming of a living dead can often represent your hidden fears and emotions.

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