What Does Witch Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Witch Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

The witch has a malefic character. She does evil and tries to hurt those who are close to her. For Freud, the witch is a negative representation of the mother. The witch is destructive.

What Does Witch Mean In A Dream

Interpretation and meaning of dreaming with witches

Religious traditions are often associated with witches and wizards, the demonic manifestation that has often resulted in the famous witch hunts.

Dreaming of a witch symbolizes the bad side of the woman, but on the contrary if we see a man it means that it is a bad influence for you.

Seeing a witch or sorcerer in a dream is an augury of success. This dream can also reveal that you are going to receive powerful help in something that has to do with love.

The dream of a witch with someone or with oneself indicates: the evil. Hypocrisy. Conspiracies

The dream of a witch: the arrival of an unexpected and good news.

Dream that we are talking to a witch: commitment or wedding soon.

The dream of seeing a legendary witch with hooked fingers: Be careful in your various occupations, fate will be negative.

Dream of a witch next to her broom: your power over others is powerful, use it for worthy purposes, otherwise it will turn against you.

Dreaming of impersonating a witch with incredible powers: Path to success, but the experience you lack.

Dreaming of a witch that scares you: your nerves are beside themselves, you need to change that problem quickly.

Dreaming of a witch or magician indicates that someone you trust will deceive you, this is also a sign of the abuse of trust.

Dreaming of witches can also indicate that one covets their money.

Consulting a witch or sorcerer is synonymous with deception.

Dreaming of a witch who is cooking a recipe, sometimes indicates that you are surrounded by hypocrisy and betrayal.

A legend says that if you dream of a witch and talk to her, she predicts marriage for the person who dreams.

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