What Does Wine Mean In A Dream


What Does Wine Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Dreaming wines or any other alcoholic beverage suggests that you are thinking of organizing a party or meeting with friends, which will benefit the dreamer.

Dreaming lonely and drinking wine can mean that you are taking a wrong path in the business or affairs that are being handled.

What Does Wine Mean In A Dream

Dreaming about buying wine means selfishness and the intention of improperly taking something.

If he is selling it instead of buying it, then he warns that he will be accused of his dishonest behavior.
Dreaming wine in barrels or bottles, but without touching it, suggests that there will be economic gains, but at the cost of a family life usually painful.

A young woman who dreams of drinking or trading wine suggests that she wants to lead a dissipated life, without aspirations to establish a home.

It is a dream of good or bad omen according to the aspect presented by the wine. When it is of good quality, it says that we should expect only good things, while if it is of poor quality or it is stung, it warns that we will be victims of anger and that we will have problems in our relationships.

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