What Does Sea Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Sea Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

The sea is one of those universal symbols that appear very often in dreams.

It can have different meanings depending on how it looks and is perceived. The sea can be a symbol of motherhood, placidity and life and can also become a symbol of violence and fear.

What Does Sea Mean In A Dream

The sea is the origin of life on Earth. In fact, the sea created the first living beings that appeared on our planet. In our dreams, the sea is the unconscious, the primordial aspects of our species, our deepest instincts and memories.

It is an element that must be analyzed with care, since it is closely related to our most intimate side.

What does it mean to dream about the sea?

Dreaming of the sea can mean that we have to look inside ourselves to explore the most intimate and instinctive aspects of our person.

If you dream that you are swimming and that we reach the seashore and leave it, it may mean that the situation you are facing is taken to the limit of our patience so you must be aware that you have to think about new solutions and possibilities.

The sea as the origin of life is also closely related to creation and birth. The sea is like a great matrix from which we all come. The sea is bound to the force, to the feminine gender and to the figure of the mother.

Dream that you dive into the sea

It may be telling us that we want to return to the womb of our mother to be reborn to a new life and be able to regenerate.

If you are a man and you dream of entering the sea, it means the search for your feminine side.

We have to look at the state of the sea in dreams, because these indicate our state of mind:

Dreaming of the stormy sea:

anger is dominating you or you feel totally overwhelmed by a situation over which you are not in control.

Calm sea: inner peace, joy.


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