What does pool mean in a dream


Using a pool can be a recurrent thing for those who like to relax and even swim for a while as something to exercise but when it has to do with the meanings of dreams, I have to tell you that it has to be considered as something you should know. This time we will talk about the dreams related to swimming pools so you know everything that comes in your life in a short, medium and long term.

What does pool mean in a dream

As such, this dream is very related to the behavior of your life and is that if you have this dream constantly, it tells us that you are a competitive person, besides that you love having control over things. You can also see yourself as a person who has a great deal, besides knowing how to go through any type of obstacles that may be present in your life. You know how to “pass” the problems with few complications, so it is understood as a positive dream.

Interpretations of dreaming with a pool according to the context of the dream

Dream that the pool empty. This dream announces that some complex stages will happen, where you need to take care of your material and personal interests more. At the same time, it is a stage where you have to think before acting, because you could take many surprises that could disappoint you.Snow-with-pool

Dreaming of swimming in a pool. This dream is one of the most recurrent, it tells us that things are going well and that you are beginning to relax and enjoy each of the changes that are taking place.

To dream that the water in the pool is very cold. You have to try to change your social circle a bit, because you are not having the best time possible and this makes many people want to take advantage of the fact that you are vulnerable, besides being an excellent person, noble and intelligent, do not let them take advantage of you!.

Dreaming of a pool full of money. They say that this is the dream of anyone, yes, to swim on money and I want to tell you that it tells us that you are going through an excellent economic stage but also, as they are good things in the material. Also, you are letting personal opportunities pass by which if you do not have a stability, then you may regret many things.

You have seen that this dream has many nuances to tell but in general it is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it would be seen as important announcements and moments for your life, both economically and personally.

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