What does mud mean in a dream


The mud symbolizes the involution. It represents everything that obstructs or retards the progress of a project, a relationship or its personal evolution. Positive dream: seeing your enemies in the mud indicates that you have an advantage over them. Negative Dream: you can not find the necessary solution to reactivate the events.

What does mud mean in a dream

Dream that we walk through the mud: Your efforts do not produce the desired results. Negative influences slow down your steps or you have made the wrong decisions. Dream-with-mud

Being stuck in the mud: There is no valid future in this sense, you must completely redefine your goals or your way of doing things.

Immerse in the mud: There is no way out in that direction. Invitation to completely rethink the objectives of your life. Your thoughts, your actions and your intentions are useless, you spend your energies unnecessarily.

Dream that we left the mud: You will find the solution to your problem.

Make clay sculptures, pottery: you manage to create something from nothing. It is not an example to follow. You must use your creative imagination to achieve the desired success.

Dreaming of mud mixed with water: involution, materialism, bad influences.

Dreaming of mud is a sign of degradation, pain and sadness.

Dream that we sink in the mud: Sample of exhaustion.

The dream of trying to walk in the mud: Sign of danger. We can be humiliated or insulted.

Dreaming that they give us a massage with mud or mud: It indicates that we enjoy our friends.

Dream that we get dirty with mud: Indicates that you are not satisfied with the results of your work.

Dream that we have clothes full of mud :. Sign of complex situations for friends or family.

Dream that we fall in the mud: Indicates that you should reflect on your behavior.

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