What Does Lake Mean In A Dream


Dreaming of a lake reflects the emotional state of your mind.

If you dream that the water is calm and transparent, it symbolizes your inner peace.

If a girl dreams that she is alone in a lake of murky and turbulent waters, it means that maybe in her real life she has emotional problems. It can also mean that many vicissitudes are approaching him and he will feel that he has committed extravagances and is indifferent to the rules.

What Does Lake Mean In A Dream

To dream that he is in a lake of turbid and turbulent waters, surrounded by rocks and bare trees, means that he will not be happy neither in his work nor in his affective life.

Dreaming that you are in a lake of turbid and turbulent waters, surrounded by green trees, means that it will be reinforced by a passionate relationship, which will make you rethink your scale of values and acquire more strength and experience, which you can turn to in the approach of your business or work.

To dream that she is in a lake and the water gets inside the boat, but after a great struggle she manages to get the water and return with the boat to the port or to her house, it will mean that she will be under a negative influence, but that she will be able to account and take the right path, to finally succeed in life. It could also mean that someone from your relatives will fall ill.

If a girl dreams that she sees a couple in a boat or boat in which the water is in and she manages to rescue them, it means that she will suffer the consequences of the indiscretion that some friends will commit, but it will get them to take her out of the mess.

Dreaming that you are sailing in a clear lake, clean and calm waters, means that you will be happy, you will get along with your friends and you will be lucky in life.

If you are in a lake of clear waters and surrounded by an inhospitable landscape, it means that your existence will be tarnished by your immoral and dissolute behavior.

To dream that it is reflected in the clear water of a lake, means that it will live great emotions and ardent and passionate relationships.

To dream that you see leafy trees reflected in the lake, means that you will enjoy a passionate love to the fullest and will be very happy in love.

To dream that you see mysterious inhabitants of the lake, which rise up against you attacking you, means failures and illness, due to leading a dissolute and disorderly life, which will exhaust you.

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