What Does Knife Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Knife Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

What does it mean to dream of being pierced by a knife with a very sharp knife, sharp and bloody? Because someone unknown or known attacks us to kill us? What does it mean to dream about grabbing a knife and killing or hurting someone?

What Does Knife Mean In A Dream

The knife is closely related to blood. Especially when, after an attack, we are hit or injured and we lose blood, we have to think that we are going through a period that is not good in terms of energy. In short, we feel tired, weak and lack strength. Do not panic, because this happens to everyone who suffers from periods of both physical and mental fatigue.

Two are generally the meanings associated with the knife. One of the meanings is linked to the “Freudian” ideas that see this object as a phallic symbol, that symbol of the male organ and therefore a symbol of virility and aggressiveness. There are reasons to think that there may be, in the life of the “dreamer”, a male person who is too intrusive and too aggressive for us.

If the “dreamers” belong to the male sex, then it means that we are in a period in which we have a strong intimate desire towards a person.

The second symbolism represents the concept of cutting, dividing and separating something. Often, its meaning is also reflected in our desire to analyze in depth certain situations that arise in our lives. So in this case the knife is seen as a positive symbol, as it allows us to make a record of our lives, choose the best situation and eliminate the superfluous, the useless, which can harm us.

Dreaming of a broken knife

Dreaming of a broken knife means that the “dreamer” thinks that the relationship is completely broken, there is no reason or alternatives to try to get it out.

Dream with a kitchen knife

Dreaming of a kitchen knife symbolizes fights and separations within the family, possibly a close relative will divorce if married.

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