What Does Kiss Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Kiss Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

The meaning of dreaming with a kiss is linked to the desires of the people. They are dreams more frequent among women and teenagers. This dream may reflect disappointment or intense feelings of passion towards someone depending on how the context of the dream is.


What is the meaning of dreaming with a kiss?

It is very important how the dream develops to give an accurate interpretation. It is completely different to dream that the current couple is kissing with someone else to dream that someone from the past gives a kiss to the dreamer. The meaning of this type of dream is linked to missing or wishing someone, that they may be separated by distance or conflict.

In everyday life the kiss is an expression of affection and affection but in the same way as Judas to Jesus a kiss can mean the most terrible betrayal or reflect the most acute insecurity.

It is common to dream with those who love what shows the feelings they have for that person as well as it is common to dream of a family member or friend who has died, which is a sign of good luck in the near future.

Interpretation of concrete dreams with a kiss

Dreaming that a kiss is received in an indifferent way is interpreted as betrayals by the person giving the kiss so you must take precautions to avoid getting hurt and maybe be able to resolve the conflict or misunderstood that has arisen with that particular person.

Dreaming of kissing an unknown person intensely and passionately is a sign of a desire for illicit relationships that will not turn out well and will cause harm.

Dreaming of children kissing is indicative that life is being lived fully and harmoniously.

Dreaming kissing the mother augurs good fortune in business and life.

Of the same dream giving a kiss to a relative indicates that you are living correctly and life is going smoothly as well as other financial or emotional issues.

Dreaming kissing in the dark a person of the opposite sex is interpreted as serious threats of social disrepute due to illicit relationships.

Dreaming of a rival kissing the loved one indicates a loss of confidence and self-esteem.

To dream that the hand of a king or someone of royalty is kissed is a reflection of submission and humility.

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