What does it mean when your Poop is Green?


What Does It Mean When Your Poop Is Green?

Maybe some readers have happened and maybe others have not. But finding green poop in the toilet is never usually pleasant.

Although what there is no doubt is that if it is the case, the situation impacts quite a bit and the concern is exacerbated by the color of our feces. Today literally, and forgive me the expression, we bring you a shitty article.

Although to a great extent the pigments of many foods can influence, in general terms the main culprit of the coloration of our stools is the bile, that substance that our liver produces and that is in charge to carry out the digestion of the fats. The bile contains bile pigments such as biliverdin or bilirubin which are what provide color to the feces.

green poop

Faced with a normal, disease-free deposition, our stools tend to acquire a brown color, due to the joint action of bilirubin and intestinal bacteria. In this way, at the end of the process, the bilirubin ends up transforming into stercobilin, a brown pigment that is ultimately responsible for the coloration of the stool.

However, when we suffer from a gastrointestinal illness that occurs with diarrhea, it may happen that, in one of the many times we go to the toilet, we leave green. There is no greater reason to be scared, but if the situation does occur it would be even more convenient to be medically monitored to avoid dehydration. The color of the green poop is caused by everything that we ingest passing so fast through our digestive system that when expelling the bile, it practically does not change: biliverdin (with greenish pigmentation) does not have time to reduce to bilirubin.

Green poop, white poop, black poop, red poop, yellow poop …

In addition to the case mentioned there are other disorders that change the color of the stool. Let’s see some:

White or greyish poop and greasy aspect: they usually appear due to the lack of bile (it does not provide coloration) and the greasy aspect is due to the fact that fats can not be digested and are excreted intact.

Black poop: may be caused by an excess of iron (if someone has taken iron supplements may know what I am talking about) or also by the presence of blood due to bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract (stomach, duodenum or first bars of the intestine) thin).

Red poop: bleeding from the lower digestive tract (large intestine)

Yellow poop: they are a form of pale stools so it can indicate that there is a problem with the excretion of bile.

Finally, also note that as we mentioned at the beginning, it may be the case that certain foods change the color of our bowel movements. This is the case of spinach that gives them a dark green color; or of the black rice, of which I imagine it is not necessary to mention the color that they confer due to the ink of squid; or of many other foods of outstanding pigmentation consumed in large quantities. However, this is normal and is not associated with any pathology since it is simply caused by the pigments of the ingested compounds.

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