What Does Hugging Mean In A Dream


What Does Hugging Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Dreaming hugs usually indicates hypocrisy, lies, falsehood, especially if it is the dreamer who receives the hug.
To dream of embracing the spouse indicates that there will be discussions and difficulties due to misunderstandings and perhaps suspicions.

What Does Hugging Mean In A Dream

When the hug is with an elderly person, it implies illness in someone in the family.

Dreaming hugs between lovers almost always indicates dissensions, lawsuits and even breakdown of relationships.

To dream of embracing a foreign person implies the next visit of someone undesirable.

To dream of embracing someone suggests that there will be disappointments with close friendships or friendships.
When a woman dreams that she hugs an unknown man, she hints at a hidden desire to have some illicit behavior.
A married woman who dreams of lovingly embracing a man who is not her husband is a warning that she is putting her honor at risk and in question.

Hugs in dreams, whether given or received, often presage the departure of a loved relative or friend.

Sometimes these hugs are a warning that not all the expressions of affection that are received are sincere. It is better to just trust those people and especially friends who have really shown that you can trust them.

The dreams where we see that two men, especially if they are known, embrace each other usually indicate that one of the two will commit an error that will indirectly affect us, because we will be in the middle of the two people in conflict.

Dreaming hugs between women is a sign of betrayal, deceit and hypocrisy. For a woman’s dream, seeing herself hugging another is a sign that she will be the victim of gossip and defamation on the part of a person she considers trustworthy.

If in the dream we embrace our father, it is a sign that we must warn them of some danger that looms over them, as well as the possibility of a betrayal by a person of trust.

Embracing a child in dreams can be an omen of deceit on the part of a friend.

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