What Does Ghost Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Ghost Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

The ghost symbolizes the elimination or disconnection of the usual environment. Its appearance in a dream also suggests a state of anxiety that has gripped the dreamer in real life.

Dreaming of ghosts: the goal you have set now is beyond your reach. It is also possible that by an unconscious impulse you abandon your outdated ideas.


The dream of your own ghost symbolizes the aspects of your personality, thoughts, repressed emotions that scare you.

Dreaming of the ghost of a deceased person: there is no remorse or guilt in relation to this person

Dreaming of the ghost of a living person: someone is trying to play tricks on you, be careful.

If you dream that you become a ghost: You are desperately trying to get out of a situation or relationship.

Dreaming of a drowning ghost: there are situations, emotions, past traumas that prevent prosperity.

The dream of a ghost trying to kill you: you feel ready to face your past.

Dreaming of a ghost can also mean: memories of the past that resurface.

Dreaming of a ghost dressed in white: live in joy and happiness.

See a ghost dressed in black: the future that can bring pain.

Dreaming of a black ghost that haunts you: The betrayal of a friend that you did not expect.

Dreaming of a white ghost that haunts you: Family. Joy.

Dreaming of a ghost that carries coins: A great joy to share. Avoid greed.

The dream of seeing a white ghost: An emotion will shoot within you.

Dreaming of a ghost that haunts you or scares you: You have to put a brake on a situation.

Dreaming of a ghost wearing a dark hat indicates that a person will try to impress you or hurt you.

If you dream that you are dancing with a ghost: it is a warning about a disease.

Fighting with a ghost in a dream predicts success in your projects.

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