What Does Frog Mean In A Dream


Frogs are animals that belong to the genus of amphibians. In general, they are perceived as quite unpleasant animals because of their slimy appearance. They live mainly in backwaters. According to popular tradition, dreaming about frogs is a good omen. If in a dream you kill a frog, you will be harming yourself.

What Does Frog Mean In A Dream

The frog and all aquatic animals are a symbol of femininity, motherhood and fertility can be related to dreams with pregnancies. His way of jumping, the fact that he lives in the water instead of outside, for being an animal difficult to catch (disappears very quickly) and the fact that they go out at night, makes it relate to the frogs with our primitive sexual energy.

How many times have we seen through the movies that the prince becomes a frog or that the princess is casting a spell and the part of his lower body is transformed into the lower part of a frog or another amphibian. But what would happen if we dreamed of this? The meaning is very simple. We are afraid of something we are going to do or some decision that we are going to make that may affect us or bring us some negative consequence.

The frog is also associated with the idea of ​​metamorphosis

(the tadpole lives in the water and becomes a frog and is already able to breathe out of the water). This transformation has similarities with the birth of a child. The child in the womb lives in an aquatic environment (interestingly, in the early stages of pregnancy the fetus looks like a tadpole). At birth learn to breathe and begins his earthly life.

Seeing a frog in a dream can have these meanings:

The transformation: deal with the changes and innovations that are happening in your life.

It means fertility, creativity. It means sexuality.

It can be an unconscious thought that assaults us until we become conscious.

If many frogs or toads appear in the dream and we feel a certain disgust or fear, we will be dreaming of some idea or defect or with someone who is blocking our path.

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