What Does Food Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Food Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Why do we dream of food?

If you have recently had a special experience with food, such as a banquet or trying new foods, you may have dreams of food. If you go to sleep on an empty stomach or you are trying to follow a diet with a lot of willpower, it is also very likely that your subconscious will betray you by presenting in your dreams the desire to eat what you like the most.

What Does Food Mean In A Dream

However, there are people who sometimes have dreams of food for no apparent reason. In this case, its meaning can be linked to very different reasons. Keep reading to know the symbolism that surrounds dreaming about food.

What is the meaning of dreaming about food?

Food is an act of survival and energy, but also produces feelings of discomfort or well-being, depending on whether or not it is to our liking. On the other hand, we tend to strongly relate the food with the feelings that invade us at the time of eating, and with the people who surround us. So sometimes, dreaming about meat or dreaming about certain foods is a way of reflecting feelings towards those people with whom we have created a union with that particular food. The affection and love of your parents when they prepared your star dish, a sentimental break linked to the foods you used to eat at that time.

In addition, the need to eat or feed in the dream can be related to emotional, spiritual or physical deficiencies. Feelings to recover or nourish our body beyond food as such.

These would be the most generic interpretations of dreaming about food, although if we consider the details and concrete characteristics that we remember from the dream, we can obtain much more information that can modify or deepen the meaning of our dream.

Interpretation of concrete dreams with food

We present a series of details or concrete situations that can be given in a dream with food to help you give a more defined meaning to your dream, always relating it to your personal circumstances.

Depending on the type of food, the interpretation may vary. If you dream of a very specific type of food, you are very likely reflecting the need to feel just like the idea you have of that food. Analyze in your mind what is the idea that you associate with that food: lightness, pleasure, fullness, etc. In this way you will discover what is the sensation that your mind needs. Dreaming of fast food may reflect that we are living a situation that does not fill us but we continue in it because it is easy and comfortable. When you dream of new or exotic foods that you have never tasted in your real life, you may find yourself in a moment of searching for new experiences or opening your mind to new ideas and thoughts. If you dream of food in poor condition or poisoned symbolizes a belief, attitude or behavior that we are having and that is harmful to ourselves.

Depending on the situation in which the food is presented, we can deduce new meanings. Dreaming of a large banquet or meal in abundance reflects the fullness of our life in all areas. If despite the large amount of food, your emotions in the dream are not of complete well-being, it means that despite having everything you need, you want to get more, and do not settle for it. On the contrary, if you dream of a table set but scarce or empty of food, it is possible that you have important shortcomings in your life that you need to cover in order to be happy. When we dream of sharing food with others, we are reflecting our security by feeling supported and helped by others, as well as our ability to help them.

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