What Does Fire Mean In A Dream


What Does Fire Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Why do we dream of fire?

Since ancient times, fire has been associated with power and domination. For our ancestors, producing fire by their own means and learning to control it in a certain way was a very important step. With the passage of time, its meaning has changed, but we continue to see fire as something powerful and attractive.

What Does Fire Mean In A Dream

As always, dreaming of fire when we have recently had an experience with this element in our life is very normal and common, and is only a reflection of our experiences and our emotions linked to the moment or to the fire itself.

However, when fire appears in our dreams for no apparent reason, its meaning can be interpreted in many other ways. In the present article we offer you a set of possible interpretations so you can find the one that best suits you depending on your personal circumstances.

What is the meaning of dreaming about fire?

In general, dreaming about fire is a good omen. It is a very powerful element of nature, which gives us light and warmth, something necessary for our survival. Therefore, fire as such is a positive symbol of power and success.

However, fire is uncontrollable, and also has its negative side. When we dream of fire as a destructive element and not of life, we are reflecting disorder and problems that concern us and that we can not control.

However, although this would be a fairly generic interpretation, there may be many variations depending on the specific characteristics of the dream.

Interpretation of concrete dreams with fire

The element that appears as the protagonist in the dream, in this case the fire, gives us a general idea of ​​the meaning of our dream. However, the way in which the fire appears, the characteristics and concrete details of the dream, provide us with extra information that can help us to better understand its interpretation in accordance with our personal circumstances.

According to the type of fire, the meaning varies. Dreaming of a bonfire has a positive meaning. It is a controlled fire that is related to purification and personal and spiritual growth. Surely you are in a moment of change and maturation in your life. If fireworks appear in your dream, it can symbolize joy, illusion and magic in relation to some personal situation you are living. Dreaming of a fire, however, is not so good. Reflects some type of disorder or difficulty in any of the areas of your life. It can help you to define the exact place that is burning, if it is your house or your job, the difficulties will come in those plans. You can expand this information by reading our article about dreaming about a fire. If more than fire, the main element of your dream is smoke, its interpretation is also negative. The smoke is related to the low visibility, the lie and the filth of the soul. It may reflect your own discomfort if you have been cheating someone or is a sign that someone around you is lying to you.

Our behavior or contact with fire also says a lot about the meaning of the dream. If you dream that you are burning, it is very possible that you are going through very complicated moments in your life or you have started a stormy relationship. If the fire appears in your hands, it means that you have carried out some action that you do not feel proud of and you regret. When in your dream you manage to put out the fire, it means that you are fighting against the difficulties and looking for a way out. However, when you see many ashes and debris after the fire, it reflects a significant amount of resentment toward the people who caused your suffering.

The appearance of water by the fire is quite common in some dreams with this element, and can also help us in its interpretation, which is usually quite positive. If you use water in your dream to smother the fire, it reflects your ability to solve your own problems and face your fears. If the fire appears in the distance in a vast expanse of water, like a lake or sea, it represents salvation and knowledge, which you will reach after a long road of effort.

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