What Does Fight Mean In A Dream


This type of dream can be broadly described as negative. The modern human being in spite of remaining violent has found sophisticated ways of dealing with this instinct, such as sports, soccer, baseball among others. This is how people have preferred over time to evade before entering into a conflict, discussion or fight with someone else.

For this reason, dreaming about fighting or observing a fight can reflect, hard situations in the dreamer’s life, perhaps a bad luck with bad luck awakens feelings of dissatisfaction and conflict.

What Does Fight Mean In A Dream

Many experts say that dreaming about fights in a general way in addition to the apparent conflict that may manifest in the dream can also speak of certain insecurities of the dreamer. Indecision and inability to take determined and well-directed actions to end a particular problem.

Similarly have had problems at the family level or with a close person who have caused feelings of guilt in the dreamer who has not known how to deal and must overcome to regain balance.

It is a fairly common dream especially those in which dreamer fights with his boss or his wife, this is due to the very dynamics of human relationships but what is really important is to know how the fight ended as it could be crucial for a successful interpretation .

Dream that you are in the middle of the fight

If in the dream you are in the middle of the fight and surrounded by enemies you will have to ask yourself what the fight of your dreams has to do with reality. It may mean that we have problems with friends, parents or relatives or with ourselves. For young people it is a positive symbol, it indicates growth and maturity. If in the dream we appear with allies, it means that we believe a lot in ourselves and in our ideals.

Premonitory signs: Symbolizes internal or home agitation. If we dream that we won the fight, it indicates that our business will be booming.

Dreaming that we fight in the war

The war appears in dreams and brings pain, anxiety, worry, fears and the “dreamer” is immersed in an atmosphere of chaos and violence. He can witness war scenes as a spectator or actively participating, he can be a victim or a perpetrator, but the meaning of these dreams is ultimately about destruction, the annihilation of something or someone, which brings a great sense of disturbance.

Interpretation of concrete dreams with a fight

The best known interpretations are:

Fighting with someone in a dream is no doubt a reflection of real conflicts that are happening or are about to happen, with coworkers and can also mean some problems with legal problems.

Fighting with someone in the family predicts very bad luck in the life of the dreamer, will live some misfortunes of any kind for example being sick means that the disease will get worse.

Fighting with the boss or with someone of higher rank in the workplace is not a very good sign since it could mean that said boss will correct a project that the dreamer wanted to start up and criticize.

Similarly with regard to this dream, not everything is ready and the meaning could vary if, for example, the dreamer submits to his attacker, meaning courage and perseverance.

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