What Does Fan Mean In A Dream


What Does Fan Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Dreaming fans of any kind forecast pleasant surprises, particularly towards the feminine.

What Does Fan Mean In A Dream

A young woman who dreams of someone fanning her, insinuates that she will receive honors and perhaps even honors.
When a woman dreams of having lost her fan, she implies that her lover is not trustworthy or that her affairs or business are not countable at least for the time being, perhaps due to the intervention of negative people.

If in dream, the fan is being used by another person, it is usually a warning that there are people around us full of grudges and envy and who wish to harm and in them there is hypocrisy, lack of sincerity and in general, disloyalty . As for the friendships that were considered unconditional in fundamental aspects it is very possible that they disconcert us and fail which will surely cause disappointment and sadness.

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