What Does Elephant Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Elephant Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

As in the case of dreaming of other animals, even an elephant in dreams is linked to the symbolism found in various cultures around the world. For example, in India the deity Ganesha has the body of a man and the head of an elephant and symbolizes the tension towards the divinity that guides the instinct. In the East, the elephant is the mountain of kings and hunters, a symbol of strength and intelligence that unites simultaneously. Also, dreaming about an elephant means having good luck and it is a symbol of longevity, strength and a prodigious memory.


In dreams, the elephant becomes an expression of the forces of instinct, which emerges from the unconscious and can be directional. It is a powerful, voluminous interior energy that can not be ignored, sometimes becoming a disturbing energy. The nature of this instinctive force can be of several types: a sexual conflict or the desire to express yourself and get the attention of others.

If the elephant of our dream is small, it may be telling us to follow our intuition.

An elephant in dreams can also be aggressive, as well as in reality. In fact, the elephant has a strong sense of protection towards its puppies and towards the group. So even in the dream, the elephant may be telling us our sense of protection against someone or, on the contrary, if we feel oppressed by someone.

Facts about elephants

**The largest elephant found was seen in Angola in nineteen fifty-six, this male weight about twenty-four thousand lb (eleven thousand kg), with a shoulder height of three and ninety-six meters, one meter higher than the average of African males.
**The African elephant has ears 3 times larger than the Asian elephant.
**In the African elephant the ears are used for pointing.
**The ears of the elephants are used to regulate the anatomical temperature
**The ears are used by the African elephant to hold away potential threats
**Each elephant ear is unique as fingerprints on humans
**The smallest elephant, about the size of a pig, was a prehistoric species that lived on the islands of Crete throughout the Pleistocene.

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