What Does Devil Mean In A Dream


Why do we dream of the devil?

The devil, also called Lucifer, Satan or Beelzebub, symbolizes in our culture the incarnation of evil. It is about the most ruthless and cruel being, who uses tricks to deceive and betray the human being. Whether we are believers or not, we have all heard about the devil and understand the concept as the maximum extreme of evil and the most negative feelings that can invade us.

What Does Devil Mean In A Dream

Dreaming about the devil is therefore not a pleasant or peaceful dream. In general, it is usually what we call a nightmare, especially for children, who also have dreams with the devil. And although its meaning is quite negative, we can use it to extract information that will be useful to us to be aware of the situation we are living and to modify things.

It is possible that the devil appears in your dreams after having seen a movie or read a book in which it appears. If you have experienced a close event related to the devil, your subconscious will express those memories through dreams, especially if they were accompanied by some intense emotion on your part.

However, it can also happen that you dream of the devil spontaneously. In this case, your dream may be indicating a meaning beyond the obvious. If so, we invite you to continue reading to discover the most common interpretations related to dreaming of the devil.

What is the meaning of dreaming about the devil?

Dreaming of the devil is usually a very unpleasant experience, from which you can even wake up with sweating and an accelerated heart. It is not illogical to think then that this type of dream is associated with negative meanings. Within the good / bad or good / bad duality, the devil represents the negative side of the continuum. We all have a more bad part of our character, since we have all had feelings of anger, jealousy, envy or selfishness. However, we also have the ability to morally identify our feelings and acts as good or bad, hence the occasional remorse. It is very possible that people with great resentments or feelings of guilt dream of the devil, as a way of representing those feelings or as a self-punishment.

On the other hand, dreaming about the devil can also symbolize the experience of a difficult time and full of conflicts that you are going through, contrary to dreaming about God, which is interpreted with a peace and tranquility stage in your life. The fears, insecurities and problems that surround you are manifested in your dream through the figure of the devil. You may also be going through a painful stage in which distressing situations from your past that you thought were overcome or forgotten have reappeared in your life.

However, dreams with the devil are open to interpretation, and can vary their meaning depending on other details or characteristics of the dream, as well as your personal circumstances. Therefore, it will not be the same to dream of seeing the incarnation of the devil, of being reincarnated in a known person, of interacting or not with him, etc. All these variations and their more precise interpretations you will find them below, always bearing in mind that you are the one who must value which one best suits your personal situation.

Interpretation of concrete dreams with the devil

Depending on who the devil is, the meaning varies. If in your dream the devil appears dressed in men’s or women’s clothes, your subconscious is telling you that that figure represents that person for whom you feel a great sense of guilt or who you have betrayed. It will give you a clue whether it is a boy or a girl. If the devil appears in a baby body, it may reflect remorse towards some child in your life. It also indicates fear of losing a child or that the child deviates from the path and becomes a bad person. It may be the case of dreaming of the devil reincarnated in an animal. In general, it will be an animal for which you feel some type of phobia and this will be reflected in your dream. You can find more information in our dream dictionary about dreaming about animals.

More interesting interpretations

According to our interaction with the devil, there are also different interpretations. If you dream that you are conversing with the devil, it is very likely that you will have to make an important decision in which you feel that you may be betraying someone. When in your dream you fight or kill the devil, symbolizes your strength to overcome the difficulties or your ability to ask for forgiveness and thus remedy the feelings of guilt that corrode you. If in your dream there are others who fight against the devil, reflect your intention to get away from the bad path and do things right.

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