What Does Death Mean In A Dream


Why do we dream of death?

Dreaming about death is much more frequent than we think, it is a dream that almost all people experience at some time. And is that death is an event common to all human beings and a great unknown, that is why it scares and anguishes us. We can dream of our own death or that of a loved one and although, in general, it is an unpleasant dream that becomes a nightmare and leaves us with a sense of loss and sadness, we must say that its meaning is not always It is negative, and much less premonitory.

What Does Death Mean In A Dream

You should know that it is very common to dream of death if you have recently experienced the death of someone in your environment, even if a person very close to you is seriously ill. It is only about manifestations that our subconscious builds on experiences and emotions experienced, especially if these have been intense. In this case you should not look for a deeper meaning, even if the deceased person in your dream is not the same as in reality.

However, it can also happen that currently you have not experienced any similar situation and still dream of death. In this case, if an event of this type occurs in your dreams for no apparent reason, this article shows you the possible interpretations of dreaming about death.

What is the meaning of dreaming about death?

There are different interpretations about dreaming about death according to the different analysts of the dream world. One of the most widespread is the idea that, when a loved one dies in your dreams, you are reflecting your love for that person, a need to extend life to the maximum so that it stays by your side, because you are afraid of losing it and suffering because of the emptiness it will leave in your life.

Other experts say that dreaming about death is related to the need for a drastic change in your life. You may be living a very exhausting situation, having a job that absorbs you or a toxic relationship with someone important, for example, and feel the need to end it. Death would show itself as an escape route, as the end of all negative things that do not allow us to move forward and the possibility of taking a break and having new hopes.

However, dreams with death can be very varied. The very context of the dream, the details, the emotions you felt, as well as your character and your personal circumstances, give your dream a unique meaning. Only you can discover the most appropriate interpretation using the information that we offer you about the meanings of the most frequent dreams of dreaming about death.

Interpretation of concrete dreams with death

Depending on the deceased, the meaning of the dream may vary. As we have already said, dreaming about the death of a loved one is associated with your desire to extend life to the fullest, your fears and fears to lose it. It may also be that you have the need to end something that is consuming you and does not make you happy. It may be that in your dream you are the one who dies. In this case, the most basic interpretation is associated with the fear of losing one’s life. It is also possible that you feel that you are not making the most of opportunities, that your life has become a tedious routine that does not bring you happiness. If you dream of the death of a person who has already passed away, it is likely that you are reliving the experience if it is recent, even if the death occurs differently, or your subconscious is expressing nostalgia for that person, you miss her. There are other possible interpretations, which you will find in our article Dreaming of dead relatives.

Other meanings of dreaming about death

When an elderly person dreams of his own death, this kind of dream can mean acceptance and preparation for the very end of life. They come closer and closer to this situation and it is therefore a frequent thought in their subconscious.

If you dream that you are dead and you are resurrected, you need to work on your self-esteem. You are underestimating yourself and you have no confidence or confidence in yourself about some aspect of your life important to you. It’s time to gather strength and change things, that’s what your subconscious tries to tell you, that you take the reins of that matter and you dare to make decisions.

To dream that you kill yourself is a very distressing dream that is related to something that torments you and makes you suffer, but that you are saving for yourself and that is eating you inside. The problems are not solved by keeping silence, but they can get bigger and end up sinking. You need to look for support in others.

If you have dreamed that you die in an accident, we recommend that you read our article Dream about accidents.

What does it mean to dream of holy death?

If in the dream we have just seen the image of holy death, this means that we have a problem. It can happen that every day we have to go through a street where a person has an image of the holy death and that is why we dream about it. It means that basically not only that image bothers us, but it can also be an indication that it is warning us that it is best to avoid making fun of that image or making comments as we go through that place to avoid ill will or negativity.

If we dream that holy death absorbs our breath

It can mean that she is trying to feed on our life energy. And if the dreamer is someone dedicated to worship, it means the same as the previous thing, or that someone wants to give you a generous gift that is not very convenient.

– If we dream that the holy death has asked us to light a candle, it means that we should not let ourselves be influenced by this cult.

– If in the dream we see an image of the holy death surrounded by candles, this may mean that we should not be influenced by the cult, since that is not good at all.

– If in our dream we see a statue of the holy death on an altar, but completely full of dust and dirt, it means that we have managed to get rid of the influence of the holy death.

– If in our dream we see the holy death or a statue of the holy death, and then it happens that we can not find our partner, this means that someone has used all kinds of machinations and witchcraft to separate us from him or her.

If in the dream we see the holy death

It can mean that we are going through money problems, that we should not do dishonest things to get that money and that we can not be influenced by this cult because in the end it can cause us too many problems.

People who dream of death also often seek the meaning of dreaming of cemeteries since these two dreams often go hand in hand.

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