What Does Crying Mean In A Dream


Dreaming that someone cries is a way of extracting negative emotions caused by something in her real life. Crying in your sleep, is a way to regain your emotional balance and take out your fears and sorrows, it means that you will live a great joy. During the day, many people repress their negative feelings and this dream is an escape route.

What Does Crying Mean In A Dream

Dreaming that you are crying and no one listens to you, represents the difficulties you have in your daily life to communicate with others.

If in your dream you are crying with joy, it means that a peaceful period in your life is coming, that you will receive good news, family or couple reconcilement, return of borrowed money and happiness.

If you dream that you are crying for someone who has died, you have achieved your goal in life and it is a reason for satisfaction.

If you dream that you are crying because of a foolishness or do not know why you cry, it means sadness and grief.
If she dreams that she cries out of grief, she predicts a divorce or because she feels lonely and abandoned.

Dreaming that others cry can mean their own feelings towards someone. If you are a person who never cries in real life, it can mean that dreams are your escape valve and that is why you cry in them.
Waking up crying means that you have some inner trauma, which is emerging to the surface, because you need to remove it.

If you dream that no one comes to your crying, it means your problems and frustration over the lack of communication with others. You feel that nobody pays attention to you and you feel alone. Maybe I should be more communicative, relate more and make good friends.

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