What Does Cow Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Cow Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Seeing a cow in a dream represents your contact with nature. You obey without asking too many questions.

Alternatively, a cow is a mother par excellence, that is, has a great maternal instinct. In some cultures dreaming about this animal represents divine qualities of fertility, food and motherhood.


Seeing the skeleton of a cow in dreams suggests a lack of emotion. Dream-with-cows

Seeing a cow herd in dreams indicates your need for membership.

If you are milking a cow, in your dream, the meaning of this has to do with your willingness to work hard and the rewards of a job well done. It can also be a sign of abundance.

Dreaming of a white cow symbolizes success and happiness, while a black cow symbolizes jealousy.

Selling a cow in a dream means dissipation and ruin.

The dream of a dead cow implies that you will suffer losses.

Dreaming of quiet cows eating grass, is a very good sign. Your dreams will come true.

If a cow moves away, this is a very good sign. An unexpected inheritance may come.

Dreaming of milking a cow: Someone will ask you for help, do not deny it.

Dreaming of watching cows graze: Abundance, financial comfort.

Dreaming of seeing a cow lying in a meadow: Riches, serenity.

Dreaming that you milk a cow: You will earn a lot of money without much trouble.

Dreaming of a cow charging you: Warning against an enemy that could become dangerous because of his stupidity.

Dream that we see a barn full of cows: The healing of some disease.

Dreaming of smiling cows: A prosperous and happy year.

Dreaming of sick cows: It could be related to your work and you may run the risk of losing your health.

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