What Does Bread Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Bread Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Bread is the food par excellence, essential for human beings, the most common and widespread food since antiquity. Bread is the reward of your work and effort (earning your bread with the sweat of your forehead). It is also a sacred and spiritual food, strongly linked to the Christian religion and its rituals (bread as the Body of Christ in the sacrament of communion).

What Does Bread Mean In A Dream

If in the dream you see yourself offering bread to another person, then it shows how good and generous you are with others.

Dream with white bread

White bread indicates innocence and simple pleasures.

Bread in dreams has, in general, these three meanings:

– It can be a basic vital resource.

– It can be a symbol of your physical body.

– It can mean the spiritual form of our body, the union between body and mind, in which we ourselves participate by nourishing ourselves with the same bread that comes from the Earth.

Dream about eating bread

It can indicate that you feel part of a whole, in harmony with the world, with men, with nature and with God. It can also allude to the need for a new physical or mental energy. This dream can occur during times of stress. Finally, this dream can represent your own consciousness, psychological growth or recognition of your personal qualities.

Dreaming of old, stale or hard bread may indicate difficulties in overcoming suffering, deprivation or hardship.

Dreaming of bread with worms can be a sign of physical deterioration or disease. It can also indicate obstacles that prevent progress. It could also be an image that alludes to the death or decomposition of a corpse.

Dreaming of raw bread: Hurry to close an agreement, lack of patience or not being able to wait for the required time.

Dreaming of burned bread

This dream can be a warning: you should be more careful and be more cautious.
The dream of making bread, kneading bread and baking bread
These are all dreams that indicate that you are working on a really important project and that it will eventually pay off.

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